We bring our clients one handshake away to manufacturers of equipment. Every plant had or has at list one problem to deal with during their day-to-day operation. New projects are constantly calling for adoption of new technologies and we can provide.
You want reliable green-tech? You want to place inquiries and get the quotation straight from manufacturers? You want your demands flexibly fulfilled without middlemen and without profit on profit? OVECON works as local agent for world-renowned brands in the industry.
A consultant's job is to consult. We are knowledgeable about the subject we are consulting in. Management consulting helps organizations improve performance and efficiency, and we assist with internationally business expansion, especially in the green-tech area.


MBR Wastwater Ltd. (TR) appoints OVECON as sales agent

Turkish company MBR Wastewater Ltd signed OVECON as sales agent for its compact MBR and SBR package ...

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German KLEINE SOLUTIONS GmbH in Switzerland

The German manufacturer and solution provider  Kleine Solutions GmbH appoints OVECON as ...

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Spanish ESTRUAGUA hires OVECON as sales agent

Wastewater Treatment. The Spanish equipment manufacturer ESTRUAGUA  with long tradition in manufacturing wastewater-treatment ...

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US based SSI Aeration appoints OVECON as sales agency

A long-term cooperation with SSI Aeration materialized in OVECON becoming the sales agency of SSI for the region of Switzerland and neighbor ...

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Smart Aeration - our R&D objective

Smart may look overrated. Our R&D focuses in developing interactive smart elements for fine bubble aeration. Not only live monitoring but self ...

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Breaking NEWS: OVECON Ovezea Consulting & Technology

The Swiss "OVECON Ovezea Consulting & Technology" is the legacy of the Austrian "OVECON e.U." after Mr. ...

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Environmental Technologies/ CleanTech Matrix


New windows will open and technical details will be revealed when clicking on logos of our partners below. Documentation is made available for download, links to the manufacturer’s websites are published, photos may grant visual pictures of your inquiry. OVECON offers technologies and equipment under a sales agency agreement. For further information about the availability of these products in other territories, kindly contact us with an inquiry. We usually respond in 24 hours.

Business Development

Competence BD

Customers, markets, relationships! This is where our extended work experience can be hired and used.

Looking for a local representative in Eastern Europe for example? One can ease this search for you. OVECON engages into opening new markets for its clients, especially in the branches of wastewater treatment, renewable energy and robotics.

Looking for a match with a western manufacturer or with an eastern contractor? We might be of useful assistance and become your eyes and ears during confidential business meetings.

Your potential growth opportunities relate to your moneymaking-strategy and OVECON is here to support and advice.


Adrian OvezeaThe foundation of OVECON came after 27 years of employment in industry branches like cement, power generation and cogeneration, IT, water and wastewater treatment. 

Hello, my name is Adrian Ovezea and I am the grounder of OVECON. During my lifetime I have earned two academic master degrees, one in electrical engineering and one in business administration.  I understand electric drives, automation and I&C while talking aeration and developing business plans and budgeting schemes. 

Two geographic stages ware scene of my professional life: one in homeland Romania where electrical engineering and automation were paramount and one in western Europe where wastewater treatment and green tech turned to love of my life.

Metrology, powder and solids dosing for cement industry, I&C for nuclear powerplants, IT and technical management for few contractors, I&C- supervision for some ABB powerplant related projects in Egypt and United Arab Emirates were activities during first decades after university. Experience  have been grewing up. 

The fascination for environmental friendly machinery and fine bubble aeration equipment came after family relocation to Austria and later to Switzerland. I grew up from sales engineer to sales manager and later on to business development manager to a successful Austrian/Japanese manufacturer of fine-bubble aeration equipment. Almost 15 years spent in the field of sales of fine bubble aeration lead as well to some understanding of the ins and outs of the water industry. 

OVECON is a Swiss registered business. We introduce ourselves bringing to life innovative ideas for the years to come. As supplier of technologies and machinery we are offering services in making our world a better place to live in. As consultant we are supporting our colleagues to grow bigger.

Member of:

DWA Mitglied1Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e.V. (DWA)

IWA LogoInternational Water Association (IWA)

VSAVerband Schweizer Abwasser- und Gewässerschutzfachleute (VSA)

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