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MBR Wastewater Treatment Ltd.

MBR Wastewater Treatment Systems, a SAS Group company, was founded in the year 2003 and represents new technologies and enables their implementation in the environmental sector. Knowing that advanced technological solutions must be supported with appropriate engineering, MBR’s structuring is designed to avoid wasting resources from planning to operation. Their primary objective is to provide conceptual engineering inseparably from the suggested technology.

MBR, is exclusively cooperating with MBR Process Design Ltd. UK from many years, at successful engineering services. MBR Process Design team consists of seasoned managers from South West and Wessex Water (largest UK utilities providers). MBR’s engineering services are directly done or supervised by this team.

MBR is increasingly providing consultancy services to public and municipal authorities and overseas contractors in addition to engineering, supply and supervision services. The consultancy content is selection of the appropriate solution and equipment, preparation of tender documents and supervision. MBR Wastewater Treatment Systems recommends optimum financial models to the companies in cooperation.

About MBR Wastewater Systems
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