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SSI Aeration’s fine bubble diffuser systems and products are installed on five continents at thousands of job sites. Millions of SSI diffusers are hard at work in wastewater treatments right now. SSI holds more recent patents and patents pending on diffuser membrane formulations than any other diffuser manufacturer.

Established in June 1995, Stamford Scientific Inc, or SSI Aeration (SSI), is a privately held company headquartered in USA with operations in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Korea, China and India. Their aggressive innovation policy has produced new membrane technology each year for the last decade. All of them are products proven in the field and the laboratory to resist fouling, ageing, creeping, high temperatures and loss of plasticizer.ftworth

This leads to reduced maintenance and high energy savings for the plant over the long term. Investing in leading membranes makes sense. Contact OVECON on any channel with an inquiry or for more information.

The use of PTFE coated membranes systems may lead to up to 30 % in energy savings compared to other fine bubble aeration systems, while maximizing lifespan. (Teflon® is a familiar trade name for polytetrafluoroethylene made by DuPont).

The known issue with total costs of ownership (TCO) may and can get proper answers.

Diffused aeration has changed a lot in the last decade. You have come to the right place to learn about this modern technology, and how to put it to work. Vast improvements have been made in reliability, cost and efficiency, and monitoring of aeration systems. Learn about:

  1. PTFE and Viton coated EPDM membranes
  2. Fluorinated and Anti-Static membranes
  3. PODS Factory mounted disc diffusers cut on-site labor installation costs by up to 30%
  4. Advanced computer software that automates the drafting, spec writing, pricing and calculation functions of diffused aeration system design
  5. SSI’s telemetry system offering operators a 24/7 inside view to identify problems before they happen and schedule maintenance during low flow periods



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The button below forwards you to the website of Stamford Scientific International (SSI). OVECON is partnering with SSI, supporting the market expansion in selected territories of Europe.

Following information is made available (in English):


  1. 12 Inch Disc Diffuser System
  2. 9 Inch Disc Diffuser System
  3. ReliaBall Coarse Bubble System
  4. Nipple Type Tube Diffusers – 62mm
  5. Nipple Type Tube Diffusers – 91mm
  6. Snappy Saddle – 62mm
  7. Snappy Saddle – 91mm


  1. PODs Diffuser Connection
  2. AFC Cap with GR6 Grommet
  3. AFC Cap with GR4 Grommet
  4. Air Carrier Diffuser
  5. AFD Disc Diffuser with 4″ QCS
  6. AFD Disc Diffuser with 3″ QCS
  7. AFD Disc Diffuser with GR6 Grommet
  8. AFD Disc Diffuser with GR4 Grommet
  9. ECD Diffuser
  10. Snappy Saddle with Top Wedge
  11. Snappy Saddle Tube Diffuser
  12. Tube Diffuser with Nipple Connection
  13. Tube Diffuser on 100×100 Square Pipe
  14. Tube Diffuser on 80×80 Square pipe
  15. 300mm Long WBCB Diffuser
  16. 600mm Long WBCB diffuser


  1. AFC Cap O&M
  2. WBCB O&M
  3. Disc Diffuser
  4. Disc Retrofit
  5. Nipple Tube Diffuser
  6. Tube Diffusers


  1. AFD 12″ (350mm) Disc Membrane
  2. AFC Cap Bubble Diffuser
  3. AFD 9″ (270mm) Disc Backer Plate
  4. AFD 270 Membrane
  5. AFT S21000
  6. AFT S31000
  7. AFTN 21000 Nipple Tube
  8. PVC Grommet
  9. Quick Connect Saddle
  10. SSI POD
  11. WBCB Diffuser
  1. 12″ Disc Diffuser Specs
  2. AFC Caps Specs
  3. Membrane vs Ceramic
  4. Nipple Tube Diffuser Specs
  5. PTFE Specs
    • Relia-bill™ Specs
    • SSI AFD270 Disc Specs
    • WBCB Diffuser Specs


  1. FOX METRO Membrane Write-Up
  2. FOX METRO Membranes B3511
  3. SSI Grand ISD NE 2010


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